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Markovic Predrag

Markovic Predrag

This is not a regular everyday journal.
I’m writing this for a special occasion. Yeah you can call it a blog,
or project highlights, but I like to call it a journal. It's old school, that word
has texture in its sound, and conveys the old-book paper smell.


My work, first time published.

Every designer wants their work to be published. That’s not a secret. At least no one will say no to it if something like that is offered to them. I like my work being published too, I’m thinking about it when I’m designing, and among a million questions I am questioning this as well, “is this good enough that someone wants to publish it in their blog, magazine, book, etc.”. I mean, of course it is that good, otherwise the client would not hire me if he/she didn’t love my style, my portfolio, etc. But when it comes to the stage that some publishers want your work in their publication, that means something. That means that they took a long journey to group designs they like, and that’s not an easy job. That means they appreciate the good quality designs, and want to share it with the world too.

“Is this good enough that someone wants to publish it in their blog, magazine, book, etc.?”

However, I received an offer on Behance for my CD artworks to be published in IDN magazine, for the Music Graphics & Packaging Edition. I hadn’t heard of them before, so I had to check out their site, their work, ratings and so on. It was a pleasure for me and I would gladly say YES right away, but I had to check. They had published tens of editions before, and I liked every single one, so I decided to say YES to them, and sent them some of my work which they chose, and some I wanted to.

Everything went great. They are true professionals and I would gladly cooperate with them again in the future if there is any chance for that. I got a free copy of the magazine and it was nicely packaged. I waited for the package to arrive no more than 10 days. That was impressive too.

They did a nice, modern interior layout, with all important info about me and my general work and interests in designing music albums. I wish I had a better photo to send them, but that was what I had back then. Since they got me in the middle of my crazy schedule, I didn’t have time to make a proper presentation for each image the way I wanted, so I decided to make a quick flat presentation with some realistic shadows. I am happy how it came up in the end, but it could be better I must admit. Anyway, for the first time I am more than happy.

That’s all.

Cheers! 🤘 🍻

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