Markovic Predrag

Markovic Predrag

This is not a regular everyday journal.
I’m writing this for a special occasion. Yeah you can call it a blog,
or project highlights, but I like to call it a journal. It's old school, that word
has texture in its sound, and conveys the old-book paper smell.


Me, myself (design) and music.

I was a musician while I was preparing myself for this designers call. I was playing guitar since back in high school till now. I was leading two bands. The very first one was an alternative rock band called “Dogma”. The second one was “Šraf” named by the singer, and it means “Screw”, related to screw driver, and it was a hard-core-punk band. All these years I had some tab book notations since, in my time, there was not simply a video tutorial of “How to play…”, and the internet was fast enough just to download song tabs, which weren’t always corrected written.

Now when I am a graphic designer, fully focused on editorial, the chance to design one of these guitar teaching books for future young guitarist was given to me. Of course I took this project seriously, but it was kind of person because I wanted to make this book catch the attention of young potential musicians, for them to grab the book and learn to play guitar. This book reveals a whole other guitar playing technique which is even better for those who want to play music all by themselves. The lonely wolves, a one man band I may say.

Tobias Rauscher was such a great client to work with. We talked a lot via Skype about what he likes, what he wants, and his expectations. I was listening to a lot of his music, and I liked it very much. It was different than what I was used to.

Firstly we focused on the book cover, as I always do, so I could have clear direction for doing the interior.

As you can see, the main elements and colors from the book cover are repeated in the book’s inside layout, which takes the whole impression to a higher level. He was satisfied with the final results. I was also satisfied with the final results.

He sent me a copy of this masterpiece natürlich. It’s in A4 format, as expected for this kind of book.

One of my passions is that I want to have printed copy of the book I did for the client. I kindly insist on that, I must have it, I must have a close look at what I designed. I always prefer print over digital. That’s the way it is. I love it.

That’s all.

Cheers! 🤘 🍻

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