Markovic Predrag

Markovic Predrag

This is not a regular everyday journal.
I’m writing this for a special occasion. Yeah you can call it a blog,
or project highlights, but I like to call it a journal. It's old school, that word
has texture in its sound, and conveys the old-book paper smell.


A “Shortcut” for creativity.

There are a lot of ways to get inspired; a lot of sites and artist to inspire you for getting creative during bad inspiration days. That is totally ok, as long as you don’t copy anybody. Me, personally, I am often making a really wide mood board while brainstorming the concept for a new project. It’s connected to book cover design in 85% of cases. It might happen that I find myself so impressed with an existing book cover artwork that I can’t forget it for a long time. If that’s the case, I delete that cover from my mood board for good. LOL. Strange. The mood board’s purpose is to see, compare, and crack my way of thinking, to look through the concept, to help you think the right way about creating the artwork by yourself. Its purpose is not to combine the elements from various covers (in this case) and make “your own”, and offer that to a client. That artwork will look like Frankenstein’s monster after some polishing, because it already looks like shit.

This marketplace is huge, enormous. The number of new books published in 2019 globally was 1,668,333 million, and it grows every year. The chance of being copied are equal.
Some are copied in order to confuse the readers and grow the selling, while some are copied just because the original was so true, and nice, that it would be rude if it stayed up alone in this cruel marketplace in all of its beauty. It must be overused.

I’m motivated to write this because I found my book cover design copied. I was working in the biggest publishing house in my country and the whole region a while ago.
During that time, I created book covers for big names and authors such as John Irving, Etgar Keret, Slavoj Zizek, and so on, and I’m proud about every single one. Well not literally, but let’s say 97%.

Some of the covers I am most proud of are John Irving’s two books: The World According to Garp, and The Cider House Rules. These were created and published in 2019 and these copies I’m sharing with you were published in 2020, below the images you will find the full date. I’m not saying I’m famous and such a popular designer, but this publishing house I worked in is indeed, and their work is well followed and easy to find. However, they still receive many compliments for these covers, for Garp especially.
They are doing great marketing jobs and they have huge number of fans and readers, so it’s really easy to find it in the web using Google search, Pinterest, and so on.

I will stop complimenting that publisher right now and say, ITS MY DESIGN, and I claim that these I’m sharing with you are copies. Full stop, no matter how big the publisher is behind these books, nobody is that blind and can’t notice it. You can see the similarity from a mile away:

Title: Small Pleasures
Publisher and date: Weidenfeld & Nicolson
(9 July 2020)
Cream border – Checked
BG Color – Checked
Texture – Checked
Typography – Checked
Illustration – Checked
New value – Color
Overall feelingCOPY!

Title: Ghost
Publisher and date: Fig Tree (15 Oct. 2020)
Typography – Checked
BG Color Tone – Checked
Monochrome illustration – Checked
New value – Flat without presence on
any texture with respectfully removed
cream border
Overall feelingCOPY!

I’m not trying to spread negative vibe, it’s not my style, actually I’m kind of glad this is happening, but I am just a little bit disappointed that these publishers, with big names, are using this kind of method to grow their business.

That’s all.

Cheers! 🤘 🍻

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