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This book is my portfolio as an editorial designer focused on book cover design and its typography as the main tool in creating the artwork.
It has funny content too that describes strange and funny moments which follows the life of every graphic designer

Hard Facts

— 185 pages + cover with flaps / 16cm x 24cm / PUR bound
— Printed in Serbia – Gornji Milanovac – Grafoprint
— Printed onto high-quality Novatech Paper 270gsm 

Grunge style & Punk Attitude

I love to see graphics, linocuts, calligraphy done on various surfaces with rough or less smooth textures because they are perfect in their imperfection. There are always some parts on that surface not entirely covered with paint. It looks worn out and old, and the work has just been created. It is a true example of permanent and eternal work.

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Currently, there are only 20 copies of this book.
It’s a limited edition. 
So hurry up and order one, cuz, once it’s printed in a larger number
of copies and the content will be slightly different.